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India's leading manufacturer of cutting tools,a product range of over 50,000 tools including twist drills, reamers, cutters, end mills and taps. Unmatched penchant for quality and precision, global certifications and commendations from authorities across continents. India's largest exporter of cutting tools, a hundred-year legacy, fervent love of our customers and immense pride in what we do. We are Addison & Co More

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For the past twenty years, we have laid claim to the distinguished EEPC award for exports, every single year.

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In a current market scenario where most tool manufacturers try to avoid any special tools and prefer regular standard tools, you have taken it as an challenge and proven your commitment and ownership towards engineering and customer. We hereby thank M/S. Addison and Specifically Mr. Gunasekaran for his interest and hard work towards the below project achieving first time right result.